Hi. I’m Rosie and I love the internet.

This space is a place to replace my Twitter activity. My time is up there and this is my casual space to hang out and share thoughts on all things related to:

  • indie business

  • community building

  • writing

  • parenting

  • unschooling / home education

  • autism (as a late diagnosed autistic woman)

And whatever pops up along the way.

Who am I?

That’s a good question.

I’m a founder and have been indiependent most of my working life. My special love is to combine business with community building.

I founded and still co-own Ministry of Testing, it’s a “7 figure” community of practice for software testers. I worked on it for over 10 years until I handed the reigns over to a new CEO to run it. It holds a special place in my heart and I continue to act as a “board member and advisor”.

I am an investor too and always interested to hear of new opportunities to invest or advise companies.

After I left Ministry of Testing, I led community at Indie Hackers for two years. It was fun and I had a great experience. It made me realise how much being an indie founder is part of my DNA.

These days I’m working on building a portfolio of communities all in areas that are of deep interest to me:

🐞 Ministry of Testing - software testers

🌈 Rosieland - community builders

🌻 Indiependent - indie(pendent) founders

🎨 More coming soon :)

I live in Brighton (UK), with my husband and 5 children.

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This is my personal Substack aimed light weight blogging and replacing or backing up my Twitter and social activity. Expecting insights into community, indie business, writing, parenting, unschooling and a general desire for a better world.


Rosie Sherry

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